Fire Hydrant Flow Testing

We are now very excited to offer a new service for our clients. As a result of a partnership with Island Engineering LLC, we are able to conduct Fire Hydrant Flow Testing to clients on Hawaii Island. 20161201_085112

We’re finding that commercial building permit applications are being required to have a recent fire hydrant flow test report on record with the County agencies to ensure that water requirements are adequate should a fire occur.

Just as you conduct periodic maintenance on your car, it is good practice to have fire hydrants tested annually. Testing fire hydrants on a routine basis will identify if any debris is clogging up the system or whether valves need to be replaced. Maintaining properly functioning fire hydrants is important for both fire prevention and property protection. 20161201_085655

A flow test is a relatively quick test. With the use of a few gauges and wrenches, the flow test will determine how much water is available for fire officials should an emergency occur. Through the application of mathematical formulas, professionals are able to calculate how much water fire engines can access from more than just a single outlet.

If you haven’t had your fire hydrant tested recently, it might be time to check it. Don’t wait for an emergency.






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