New Building Codes

Hi Folks, With the new Building Codes for Hawaii County, it’s becoming harder to get permits for As-Built structures now. Our Architect isn’t willing to sign off on As-Built plans anymore and, often the cost and effort to bring the As-Built structures into compliance is not worth the rate of return. So, we’ve decided thatContinue reading “New Building Codes”

A New Accessible Bath

Less than a month ago we started a bathroom renovation for an elderly woman who needed a more accessible bathroom. Her children asked us to renovate the bathroom and bedroom so that their mom could move more easily between the two rooms. They wanted the new bathroom to be more user friendly and accessible. 

New Partner: BuildZoom

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! We’re happy to announce that we are now part of the BuildZoom network of providers. Please check us out here and on our BuildZoom page:   If you’re looking for a building contractor for your next residential or commercial project, take a look at our gallery of work, then give usContinue reading “New Partner: BuildZoom”