“We Want to Purchase a House that has Open Permits…Can you Help?”

How We Help Potential Buyers

We’ve often heard this question from potential buyers who have found a house they’re interested in and wonder what it would take to resolve the open permits on the house.

Free Initial Walk-Through

Since no two unpermitted houses are built the same, it helps us to be able to see the house and walk through the property to get a sense of how the house was built and what still needs to be done. That’s why we offer a free initial walk-through with the home owner or the potential buyer to provide our first impressions of what needs to be corrected in order for the house to be fully permitted.

Background Research

In most cases, we ask for information prior to the walk-through so we can do some background research on our own. It gives us a better idea of the property before we even get there.

Review of Plans

We always ask whether there are plans available. We find that if there are blueprints or plans of the house or its unpermitted additions, chances are that it was built according to existing building codes–provided the builder followed the plans.

Being able to review the plans as we are walking through the house allows us to look at how the structure was built and whether it was built per plan.

Consult Your Real Estate Agent

We often  get calls from Real Estate Agents on behalf of their clients to assist with permitting issues. Owners or Potential Buyers always want to know how the permits will affect sales or marketability. While we can give you our impressions from our experience, a better resource is to consult with your Real Estate Agent who is familiar with the area and the current market.

We are happy to work with your Agent and  include them in any conversations regarding the property. We want you to able to have realistic, honest feedback so you can make informed decisions.

Have more questions? Let us do a free walk-through for you!

Drop us an email at info@htsco.co

Published by htscoadmin

Ardith was previously a Special Education Teacher and School Administrator in the public school system. She has since successfully transitioned into the private sector in the construction industry where she can continue to help people.

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