Flexible Slate Veneer

Shower ExampleWe were recently introduced to flexible slate veneers. A client was looking for a product that was waterproof and easy to clean for a jet tub and shower installation and chose this for his tub surround.

2′ x 4′ flexible slate panel in Sanjayani White

The veneer is made from actual slate peeled off of a slab by using a resin adhesive backed by fiberglass composite and is only millimeters thick.

The product is environmentally friendly. Only the thinnest layer of slate is required for each panel much of the slab is left untouched. Fuel costs are reduced with easily transportable light-weight panels  that are not only uniform in size but of a manageable 2′ x 4′ size.

This flexible slate veneer can be installed on curved surfaces, on floors, or as accent walls. Since the veneer is waterproof and weatherproof, the panels can be used in wet areas like the bathroom or kitchen and even outdoors.

It can be easily cut with sheers and installed within minutes. If desired, the veneer can be cut into other shapes and combined with various color options to create more unique designs.

20171023_131453Here is a sample of the flexible slate veneer application half way through the project. Stay tuned to see the finished surround!



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Ardith was previously a Special Education Teacher and School Administrator in the public school system. She has since successfully transitioned into the private sector in the construction industry where she can continue to help people.

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